Native Flowers of Chile

Native Flowers of Chile

Chile is a South American nation lining the Pacific Ocean. The country’s environment is very different and accordingly, different plants and blossoms can be found in Chile. Also, the blossoms of Chile are very special and can be not really found somewhere else. A portion of the local blossoms of Chile are referenced underneath.

Chilean Bellflower

Chilean bellflower is Chile’s public blossom. It very well may be discovered filling generally in the woodlands of Southern Chile. The bloom has six red waxy petals with little white spots. The shade of the blossom can fluctuate from dark red to unadulterated white. It blossoms in the late summers until harvest time. The plant produces berries with various little seeds. It is normally pollinated by hummingbirds. There are various legends about the root of the bloom. As per one of them, the blossom was shaped by the tears of the overcomers of an incredible fight among the Mapuche public. Another legend expresses that the bloom was shaped after two darlings were executed and fell in the Nahuel Lake.


Lily-of-the-Incas or parrot lily is local to South America and can be found in bounty in Chile. It is for the most part an ostentatious bloom with splendidly shaded petals. This trumpet-molded blossom has six petals of generally a similar size. The blossom is accessible in various tones including white, yellow, red and pink. Its sprouting period keeps going from pre-summer to late-spring.

Chilean Blue Crocus

It is one of the local blossoms of Chile and can be found on slants of Andes Mountains. Albeit the blossom isn’t identified with the crocus yet it takes after this bloom in appearance. It is known as the Chilean blue crocus because of its similarity to the crocus and striking blue tone. In the middle, the bloom is blue and from that point it graduates to a splendid blue tone. It blossoms from October to November.

Wonder of-the-Sun

There are twelve types of this blossom and every one of them are local to Chile. The plant has long and slender foliage. The bloom can be blue, white or lilac in shading and is generally fragrant. A portion of the assortments are developed for decorative purposes in nurseries of the country.

Chilean Myrtle

It is really a tree that produces rich blossoms. It very well may be generally found in the Andes Mountains. The blossom of this tree is white in shading and its sprouting period is from right on time to mid-summer. The bloom is very small in size and has a decent aroma.

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